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Newborn & Infant-Care training for families and professional caregivers

Classes and courses we offer

Deeper than the Basics: Birth & Newborn Care for Families and Caregivers

Learn everything you need to know for a confident, comfortable birth, and safe care for your newborn — from body feeding 101 to creating healthy routines.
Here’s everything you’ll learn…
PLUS — Childcare raising methods and philosophies: Montessori, Attachment Parenting, & More.
Learn it all from the comfort of your home.

In-person & Virtual Infant Massage Classes (group and private)

Discover the Art of Infant Massage and Nurture a Deeper Bond with Your Little One.
Our infant massage classes provide a nurturing environment where parents and families can learn the gentle techniques that promote relaxation, improve sleep patterns, and enhance overall well-being for babies.
Gain valuable skills, guided by experienced instructors, as you create a loving connection through touch — fostering a foundation of trust and emotional development for your precious bundle of joy.
Join our infant massage class and embark on a beautiful journey of bonding and wellness with your little miracle.

Agency Partnerships: Birth & Newborn Care for Professionals

Become the expert your patients need.
By the end of the course, you’ll be able to …
Learn it all at your pace — any time, anywhere.
PLUS — How to protect your business and get more clients.
And SO Much More!
Live Body Feeding Basics Classes
Learn exactly how to understand your baby’s hunger cues, the best feed positions, get a comfortable latch, tips to reduce swelling — and SO much more!

Deeper than the Basics: Birth & Newborn Care for Agencies

Take your agency’s birth & newborn care to the next level with our comprehensive training program.
Give your team with the knowledge and skills they need to provide exceptional care and support during this critical time.
Our in-depth training covers a wide range of topics, including…

Contact us today to learn more about our program

Take advantage of exclusive volume discounts for your agency.
Empower your team to feel confident and deliver their best work in supporting new families.


We speak at professional and public events about birth work, newborn care, doulas, family care, caregivers, and related topics.

Your audience will be captivated by Tre’s passion and knowledge. Choose from a
variety of industry topics, including
advocacy, professionalism,
empowerment, motivation, coaching, diversity, adversity, culture, and more!

Interested in Tré of Mommy’s Day Off speaking at YOUR Event?

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